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What is Island Good?

What is Island Good? Featuring a variety of local vendor

How One Vancouver Island-Based Organization is Advocating for Local Products!


If you're anything like the team at Doorway, you probably love to shop local as much as you can. There's nothing better than tossing some products in your cart that are made in your backyard. That sense of pride that comes with supporting small businesses, that awesome feeling of "WOW, this stuff is amazing, and it came from right down the street" never gets old. However, when it comes to large retailer chains, it can be daunting to find local products and even harder if you happen to be a producer of local goods, to get your products on local store shelves. Enter Island Good.

How Island Good Was Born

It all started back in 2014 when the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance (VIEA) was looking to source all local food for a luncheon they were hosting. Tasked with sourcing the feast, a board member hit the streets for what they thought would be an easy task. It turned out to be significantly harder than they imagined.


Sure, the products were on grocery store shelves, but determining which products were local required turning products over every which way and skimming packages diligently to find where they were made. Less than ideal.

Fast forward a year to 2015 when VIEA released their first annual ‘State of the Island’ Economic Report. In the report one statistic stood out— the Island economy was comprised of 80% services and 20% goods.


Knowing that Vancouver Island has a strong international reputation as a great place to visit and wonderful retirement destination, VIEA identified that a place brand could be used to raise local and international consumer awareness of Island products.

"Island Good has helped us separate from our competition. The Island Good logo on our products has resulted in huge support from shoppers looking for local products."

Paul Gill, Owner, Sutra Foods

The Island Good Pilot Project

As with many large scale projects, VIEA determined that a pilot project to test a  ‘Made on Vancouver Island’ brand was a good next step. In 2018, VIEA launched the 6-month pilot project in 45 grocery stores across the Island. The results were eye-opening.


There was an average sales increase of 16.4% for identified products!


Armed with this data, VIEA acknowledged the power of the brand and set off to take the "Island Good" name to new heights. Most recently, VIEA announced the results from the 2019-2020 sales survey in which identified a 37% increase in sales of Island Good products over the previous year. A new sales record for Island Good!

Shop Island Good

How Do You Find Island Good Products?


Thanks to VIEA's hard work, you can easily identify products made on Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands by simply looking for the Island Good logo (pictured right).


Look for the Island Good logo on products in your local grocery store, or on all Island Good product pages here on Doorway Drop!

Island Good Logo

"We have been amazed by the support we’ve received from Island Good; they’ve helped us get recognized, listed in stores, and have provided a network that helps us get things done better."

Jessica Duncan, Owner, Singing Bowl Granola

Explore More Island Good Products

They're Just Getting Started


Now entering their fifth year of operations, Island Good continues to gain steam. They work hard to routinely advocate for their members by helping to get products on to store shelves, navigate logistics, teach and inform and ultimately help sell local products. You can see Island Good displays in many grocery stores across the Island (and virtually on Doorway Drop 😉).

Why Does Doorway Drop Care About Local?


As a fellow small business operating on Vancouver Island, we are continuously motivated and inspired by local businesses. We're passionate about supporting the communities we serve and, let's face it, our local products are next level amazing! 


Doorway has centered our business model around prioritizing our local vendors, because without them, we simply wouldn't have awesome products to bring to you. We believe in a model where our vendors are celebrated and encouraged to try new things and are empowered to stay in control of their products. And we believe it's possible to have a marketplace that doesn't bog down its vendors with endless fees that end up making their lives more difficult.


It's with this attitude that we are proud to say that we are Island Good members and have formed a strong and impactful strategic partnership in hopes of supporting local businesses wherever we can. Keep an eye out as we routinely add new Island Good vendors for you to enjoy. 

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